story of achdjian’s karapinar


When someone googlize “Karapinar”, several times the name of Achdjian is associated to this word. One of the set of Karapinar with Achdjian’s provenance, the yellow ground one is the most well known. A set of rugs has for provenance “Berdj Achdjian” and two others pieces with nearly the same design have the same provenance. So some collectors think that the seven fragments are coming from only one Karapinar carpet. If all the pieces were discovered once, it has to be considered that these fragments belong to two different Karapinar carpets.

These fragments were covering a canape and the canape has been bought on the french market of antiques. All together there were seven fragments. Two for one carpet and five for an another one. A group of five fragments coming from the same carper were sold through a Milanese collector, an english dealer and Gary Muse to Chris Alexander.

The two others fragments: one was sold to an american collector who is partially living in Paris, and the largest one, was sold again to the same italian collection, and seems to be still in Italy.

The story of its buying is quite amazing.

  • a) These seven fragments used to cover a furniture (canapé) which had been exhibited for ob=er one year in a very wellèknown store: au Bon Marché, where thousands of visitors are going and where there is a department dedicated to antique oriental rugs. They were offered to a very attractive price: 3.000 USD/ More unbeleivable, the 7 fragments were published in one of the most well distributed magazine: la Maison de Maire-Claire. Jacques Grange, one of the most talentuous decorator recommanded it. Published on a double page, the Karapinar fragments were not sold.
  • In the same article, one parisian carpet and kilim dealer was mentionned and have a piece of his stock published just aside the fragments.

Despite the fact that the sofa was published in one of the major magazine of decoration, despite that there were a department of antique rugs in Au Bon Marché, despite that Jacques Grange one of the major decorator with greatest buyers as Pierre Bergé, recommanded it, despite the fact that a dealer of antique kilims made an advert just aside it, the sofa was unsold and came back to the Paris Flee-market where I saw it and I bought it within few minutes. 

The five fragments with a slightly coarser weaving than the two others fragments were sold to an important italian collector who consigned them to a Londonese Gallery of textile, who consigned them to a fine art broker and who sold them to Chris Alexander. These fragments were published in the book dedicated to Chris Alexander’s collection.

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