Achdjian gallery has been one of the first to organize exhibition of textile art in relation with contemporary painting. Berdj Achdjian proposed the exhibition “Stipes” to the curation of Mantes la Jolie Museum. This exhibition was divided in two volets, one about antique striped textiles + the second volet about contemporary works of art with stripes. See page on Stripes.

Fondation Serralves Octobre 2009 (15)In 1970’ies, Berdj Achdjian is the first one who compared some of his pieces with paintings by contemporary artists as Morellet, Kelly, Vialat, Buren, and many others. In 1960’ies Achdjian gallery used to be reserves of Daniel Cordier’s gallery in 8 rue Miromesnil, one of the major contemporary Art dealers in Paris. He is one of the very rare textile specialist who possesses knowledge of Antique textile Arts and of Contemporary Arts.

THerefore, in 1996, Jean Pierre Raynaud produced  “the 10 rue de Miromesnil”, a permanent installation. See the Raynaud + 10 rue Miromesnil. Then, in 2010 for the Year in Russia, together, they organized the exhibition ‘De l’etoffe des Tsars à Jean Pierre Raynaud”, translated “From Tsar’s stoffe to Jean Pierre Raynaud”. See the page Raynaud + Russia.

Achdjian Galleriy organizes exhibition on Armenian arts. See the exhibition of old photographs by Lynch whicvh has been held in conjunction of the Month of Photography in Paris.


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