raynaud + russia

14 September – 30 October 2010
organized in conjunction with The Year of Russia.

Synthesis : exhibition of major works of antique Russian textiles + works of art by Jean Pierre Raynaud. None-commercial exhibition. Contemporary works of art and antique textiles are not for sale.

Curated by Jean Pierre Raynaud, some of his works whom thema is connected with Russia. Among them, a flag of Independant Russia, a pot dedicated to Russia, a column of pots of paint with Russian flag colors. During the exhibition, the work of Art « The 10 rue Miromesnil » will might be seen permanently. This work of art is considered by Jean Pierre Raynaud as one of his masterpieces as “Container Zero”, kept in the Pompidou Center Museum, in Paris.

Curated by Berdj Achdjian: some Russian textiles from 17th to 19th centuries, including one of the first Russian velvets woven in the Imperial Russian Manufacture which has been established by Tsar Pierre the Great at its beginnings with French lyonese weavers, a fragmented and rare Merline Cashmere shawl highly finely woven and early 19th century with pendant examples only known in Russian museums, a costume by Nicolas Roerich (1874 – 1947) for Russian Ballets, a textile by Sonia Delaunay (1885 – 1979), a rug by Marie Vassilieff (1884 – 1957)


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