antique oriental rugs


An exhibition of around 40 pieces from Ottoman Empire and Turkey, The Caucasus and Armenian, Persia and nomads from Persia, including Khamseh, Ghashghai, from Central Asia with an important Chodor carpet, from East Turketan with a rare main carpet from early 19th century and from China or Ning Hsia and Pao-Tao Provinces.

In the introduction, Berdj Achdjian is considering the question of how to define an antique rug considering that most of times, major information are missing, as identity or name of the designer or artist who designed the carton of the piece, name of the manufacturer and name of the weaver. This exhibition has been a turning point for Achdjian Gallery’s strategy. French market of important textiles is nearly dead. US, English, Middle East as Kuwaiti or Qatari, are the future. The West Anatolian rug with a silk yellow ground was sold to David Collection Museum.


One Comment on “antique oriental rugs

  1. Bonjour M. ACHDJIAN,

    Je serais éventuellement intéressé par l’achat de tapis arméniens. Pouvez-vous avoir la gentillesse de, si vous en avez actuellement, et dans un premier temps, de m’adresser des photos, informations, et tarifs.

    Meilleures salutations.

    Hovanness Mouradian

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