boghos achdjian

Boghos Achdjian was already heading his own well-established bazar of antiques in Constantinopolis since 1900. Boghos used to deal with antiques, carpets and antiques. He married to Hismastouhie Tchiboukdjian, who was related to the Boghos Nubar Pasha family, in Egypt. In April 1915, with the Armenian genocide, Achdjian family split in two parts: one part stayed in Turkey, an another part, Hismathouhie and her son, Albert Achdjian migrated to France.

They established 21 rue du Cirque in Paris’s center. Having lost all their fortune in leaving Constantinopolis, (Istanbul), she had no other choice that to send her son to work. She sent him to be an apprentice near the greatest repairman of Paris in that time: Agop Kapoudjian. Within few years, Albert Achdjan started to be one of the best repairman and was sent to Mr 5 % Gulbenkian’s Hotel particulier (avenue Iena) to repair his carpets.

With the World War II, Albert Achdjian engaged to the French Army. He received the medal of the France Libre and several others rewards. When Albert Achdjian came back from the war, all his rugs and textiles were safely kept and everything was ready for a good re-start.

On the photograph, first rank, Himastouhie Tchiboukdjian and Boghos Achdjian, on the rigth. In the middle, Albert Achdjian.


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